Our company Perform Software and Consulting , is the company who only concentrated on Application Performance Management. Our expertise is identify to all slowdowns and problems for all applications that service over all much more users , reporting all that infos by follow ups and building warning system according to set treshould values.

So we are giving our service in about ;

- AllRequests/responses (time andcounts)
- All Exceptionsand Http Errors
- Slowest ;pages,classes,methods, Sql queries,exc.
- Host Metrics (CPU Times,Memory Utilization,Page Faults,Network I/O,Disk Utilization )
- Components,
- Web Services,
- Remoting,
- All SQLDBs(Oracle,Ms Sql Server, My Sql exc.),
- Percantage of uses in Database Server and WEB Server,
- Topology of system,

All Technologies andPlatforms (Desktop, Mobile and WEB)